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alex the worm king.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
alex the worm king.

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Writer's Block: Department of Stereotypes [16 Nov 2008|05:50pm]
[ mood | lmao @ me doing this ]

One of the most popular gender stereotypes is that women ask for directions while men would rather be lost than ask for help. In your personal experience, does this stereotype hold true?
From my personal experience, men seem to have a better natural sense of direction than women do, so I could only imagine they would be less likely to ask for directions, even when lost.
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does anyone even read this anymore? [15 Sep 2008|12:13pm]
Life is about changes... so many different changes. And everything in my life has changed in the past two months, two years, too much change to be comfortable. I always thought that living without you would be hard but its not and that is so scary to me, the fact that a week can go by and I don't even think about you but then I hear a song or see a picture and all the memories come flooding back to me and I wonder what things would be like if I never said what I said or did what I did. I know that what I did was for my own good, but that doesn't mean I don't still worry sometimes... I've always been told that I care too much.

Twelve days until my birthday, eight until I graduate beauty school, I'm scared of what I'm going to do afterward.
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lollipop is my fucken jammmmmmmmmmm [30 Apr 2008|09:06pm]
800 hours completed at beauty school, 800 to go. camping out for free h&m gift cards tomorrow night with nick and daphne... i'm excited i won't lie. i met someone named monalisa. i am quitting smoking. i want to cuddle with someone right now.
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iam now painted on a wall in western massachusetts [21 Apr 2008|12:26pm]

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[23 Mar 2008|10:11am]
i'm kind of thinking about growing my hair back out... not sure as of yet.Collapse )
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i am a fafinette too [15 Mar 2008|05:03pm]

a few things i would really fucking love:
if my mother would stop fucking up my plans
if chris and dylan would just get to my house already
if i could just graduate beauty school
if someone that wasn't my mom would please please hire me so i could make some money.

i would also love it if i was 18 so i could go to this club with daphne and some other people tonight. but i can't. because i'm a minor. and that sucks.

i need to get out of my house more i'm tired of being held inside and i'm tired of being afraid.
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[12 Mar 2008|05:10pm]
on saturday i got drunk for the first time ever. it was weird. i'm still not sure if i liked it or not.

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[28 Feb 2008|08:17pm]
sometimes i want to run away from home so i could live with trish and just be happy
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how could i forget the perfection of this man [20 Feb 2008|07:43pm]
a cold day in hell i feel good; at least i feel as good as real feels if real even feels good.
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[03 Feb 2008|11:14pm]
i always say i'm going to start to actually update this thing but after avoiding it like the plague in fear of things from my past, i rarely even check it. plus with the fact that lj went mad nazi and i can't see anything in badtattoos_4 anymore, that lessens my reasons to check this i guess. i don't keep in touch with anyone here anymore... i barely keep in touch with anyone but like 3 people but whatever i should try and change that sometime soon.

before the end of the week i'll be up to 400 hours at school... 1200 left?? haha nothing to get too worked up over but i'm really excited, the closer to finished i am, the better. i applied at forever 21 and i still need to give in applications at borders and barnes&noble and daphne has a few other places she suggested i apply at. i probably haven't talked about daphne at all in here yet but i met her at school and she's one of my best friends now, pretty much. she got kicked out of the ROP program almost 3 weeks ago and she needs 3000 dollars to come back, i miss her pretty bad :-( since she left i've picked up smoking again but that i don't mind because it means i always have someone to hang out with because basically everyone at my school fucking smokes (not that i mind because that means free cigarettes for me).

i hope everyone is doing alright hopefully you'll be hearing from me more often
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[09 Dec 2007|09:26pm]
Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. That is your band's name.
Click random article again. That is your album name.
Click random article 15 more times. Those are the tracks on your album.

Oak Point, Texas
album: Stedman Prescott

1) Sobekhotep VIII
2) Wisconsin Highway 172
3) 1972 British Speedway League
4) Future Blues
5) Simone Balli
6) 'Twas the Night
7) Empress Alexandra Russian Muslim Boarding School for Girls
8) Thirteen Princess Trees
9) Power Macintosh 8100
10) Reese McCall
11) Horinouchi Station
12) Denbigh
13) Multi-frequency receiver
14) Koolasuchus
15) Punjab State Carrom Association
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my new years resolutions/goals for 2008 so far, i'll be adding to this list. [08 Dec 2007|05:53pm]
• stop being such a douchebag
• start learning how to drive and get my license
• break out of my shell
• get to massachusetts and visit trish
• graduate beauty school and get my cosmetology license
• start calling people back...
• fix my voicemail
• get rid of my sidekick
• learn how to sew
• throw out the clothes i've had since 7th grade
• stop wearing sweatshirts so much, or at least take off my sweatshirts once in a while
• get to las vegas and visit my sister
• make friends that actually live near me
• get a (real) job
• eat healthier and actually exercize sometimes
• shower daily
• not put my morals behind me
• quit my bad habits
• try not to get so jealous over little things
• maybe get closer with people who i was close with before
• stop getting so angry
• sleep better
• get along with my brother better
• talk to my sister more
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[22 Aug 2007|10:38am]
i didn't really realize that i had disappeared on livejournal for six and a half months but now i'm back, greatestjournal is driving me nuts right now and i guess i just need a change of pace? plus coming back to livejournal feels like coming back to my internet roots... even though all us vwt kids are no longer lj elite or even internet cool at all HAHA i don't really mind though, i just wanted to come back because i was having a nostalgic day last week and kind of thought it would be nice to get back in touch with everybody i used to know&love, not to mention talk to constantly.

in the past 6 months a lot went down... went to a real school for a month, met this kid who i had a megacrush on, made out with said kid the day before he moved away, in may i moved out of my mom's house and went off on my own to st louis... i was there until july 31st because i couldn't handle being away anymore. now i'm back in california with my mom and younger brother, i got my job back, and i'm eating and sleeping like a regular person, but i have yet to get any social life back. i went to the movies with some of my california guy friends a couple of times but that's all in the past 22 days of being home. in st louis i had a constant social life probably because we were all living in the same building and would just go to each other's rooms whenever.

now i'm laying in bed and eating jelly beans and listening to the goo goo dolls?? hahaha but anyway i really want to know what everyone else has been up to since i fell off the face of gj i don't even remember who has what un anymore its so confusing! but i love you guys and i hope to get back in touch soon :( xxoo
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i love posting in this all the time [12 Dec 2006|04:06pm]
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formerly olive_____face and lampreybean [29 Oct 2006|09:00pm]
i don't think i'll make this friends only but tell me if you want me to add you.
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